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In the Works!

Check here to see release dates on completed manuscripts and information on what Holli or H.L. (same person, different genres!) is presently working on.

Coming October 17th, 2017: SAVED, a Romantic Thriller by H.L. Anderson.

Completed but not yet set for publishing: The Specials by Holli Anderson: a contemporary Middle Grade novel with a cast of unique characters who band together to rescue a teacher in trouble.

Work in Progress (WIP): Holli is currently about 50% finished with the first draft of MYRIKAL, a Young Adult Superhero novel set in the Dystopian world formerly known as New York City, now just known as The City. And... that's all she's going say about it because she doesn't like to give too many details on the stuff she's currently writing-- but it's going to be EPIC.